World Of Warships (136f360)

Stability modifications
Slot 1:
Major/torpedo HP mod mixed into one mod; HP bonus modified from 20% to 50%
Secondary/AA HP mod combiend into one mod; HP bonus modified to 100%
Powder journal mod added: reduces chance of detonation by 70%
Guidance mod zero added: -40% main gun dispersion, +20% secondary range, -40% secondary dispersion, +20% main turret flip fee, +20% torpedo tubes turn charge (only accessible on Japanese premium cruisers with a principal gun caliber of 140mm or under)
Slot 2:
USN major battery range mod: +5% secondary vary and -5% secondary dispersion added
Torpedo mod removed
Principal battery mod 2: Reload time debuff modified from 10% to five%
Foremost battery dispersion mod: +5% secondary ranged and -5% secondary dispersion added, +20% torpedo tubes traverse velocity added
Slot three (for tier 10)
Main battery mod 3: turret turn rate debuff modified from 17% to 13%
AA weapons modification three: DPS bonus modified from 20% to 25%
Primary battery dispersion mod: dispersion bonus modified from 7% to eleven% (ony available on Iowa and Montana)
Slot 4:
Propulsion mod 2: acceleration bonus modified from 20% to 50%, 50% deceleration bonus added, a hundred and forty% velocity enhance max velocity added
Ship adjustments
Tier 6 US battleship Arizona added
Tier 7 ARP cruiser Ashigara added
Myogi: C turret vertical angles changed
Section HP swimming pools and armor models modified for every destroyer in the recreation
IJN DP secondary turret armor fashions modified
Consumable adjustments:
Velocity increase consumable max enhance changed from 15 knots to 10 knots
Textual content adjustments
How does the Preventative Maintenance ability work?
The skill affects all modules. It decreases the chance that a module will obtain a crucial hit by 50% – Nevertheless the prospect of important hits is determined by the module’s health; the lower the health of the module the higher the prospect of important damage.
What is planned with reference to the unbalanced matchmaking and „Fail Divisions – dragging low tier ships into high tier battles?
Whereas fail divisions are annoying, they don’t seem to be that frequent – though of course when they happen, they do damage. Nonetheless the precedence for matchmaking is eliminating matches unbalanced for other causes than this. In one of the updates following zero.5.7 we plan on introducing an improved matchmaker that would make sure that prime tiers in each class are effectively balanced, to keep away from conditions similar to 3 Tier X battleships on one facet, one on the opposite. That is however still in development and we’ll inform you about details when they get closer. Once this is up and operating, the devs will take a look at other annoying things together with the fail divisions.
Smoke screens and Situational Consciousness
Presently smoke doesn’t look that great and it is vitally unclear for participant the place it is and if you’re in smoke or outdoors. We are working each on transforming the smoke and on implementing in sport clear indicator of smoke extent.
As for situational awareness, as most individuals here probably noticed, there was a serious Forum storm after 0.5.5 that unveiled a thus far unknown property of the Situational Awareness ability. The group repeatedly checked the ability to see if there are some other points connected, however the talent itself is working without change since early Alpha. Now that this was proven to be a problem, though, the whole SA system can be reworked to more accurately replicate when you’re spotted and while you aren’t – and to get extra intuitive (and most of all, with proper descriptions).
Be aware: We’ve got forwarded the devs your findings in regards to the smoke technology intervals/guidelines – we are currently waiting for reply.
Why do Secondaries have such horrible accuracy?
We feel that they’re very powerful as is and if they are too efficient then we aren’t encouraging skillful play
Anti-aliasing. At present it doesn’t look too interesting, any plans to improve it?
We’re working on bettering it in the meanwhile. It’s not truly a change to video tech, but actual adjustments in mannequin. We’re thinking on how we will do that rapidly and with prime quality. 0.5.eight there will two ships with these enhancements – and if they work effectively, more will follow.
Will we be able to compare ships in port?
Not soon, but occupied with it. First we plan to indicate more details in port – some cool modifications will hopefully come inside next updates, amongst others things we plan to allow you to see higher how your ship(s armor works. We cannot tell but when precisely, because the device continues to be in growth, however for certain it would come this 12 months.
Might we see a rework of the Captain Skills or Upgrades?
Captain skills: Presently we aren’t too happy with them. Many gamers are utilizing decrease tier expertise and probably not the costlier ones – we will work on making the skills total extra accessible and extra helpful, so that all have their uses. One of the objectives will likely be getting rid of should have” setups and introduce more alternative and tradeoffs.
Upgrades: There’s a related situation here – you’ll be able to check changes to upgrade system in public take a look at of zero.5.7 and clearly the development will proceed.
More ship customization?
We are working on it. More ships are getting everlasting camouflages, we’re introducing new commemorative flags and special occasion camos (note: For us it’s for instance the MGT-20 events camouflage and flag for our large offline occasions this yr). We know that many gamers would like to hoist multiple commemorative flag on their ship – we’re fascinated about system, that would enable simply that.
Ships and Nations
What was the weirdest factor you encountered in ship design?
Emden’s faux smoke stack, initially everyone thought it was picket, then they found it was more like cocertina top hat – folding, canvas on skeleton. Observe: While at a while in the future we are going to see Admiral Graf Spee in sport, she’s going to most definitely not have a fake turret – at the least not initially. In any case, not like Emden, this disguise was quite short-lived.
Pan European tree – will we see it any time quickly?
Not in plans within the quick run – we first need to introduce larger navies.
Will we see ARP Takao?
Whereas we wish to do as many ARP ships as possible and now we have Takao mannequin (after all, her sistership Atago is in recreation already), we want to introduce the historic Takao first.
For Mikasa Appreciation Society: Are there any modifications deliberate for the Mikasa and will we see more basic era battleships or armored cruisers for her to play with? Why not simply improve her secondaries?
At the moment we’ve no plans to alter Mikasa. She was an experiment and her play type does probably not suit our game. The system does not enable at the moment things like guide management of secondaries and easily improving the secondary battery would make her overpowered and, worse, a really perfect device for botting. This is additionally why we don’t plan to introduce any extra ships of this sort for now.
What is the situation of Royal Navy?
Assets are collected, now we’re engaged on fashions of the primary branch to return – should happen this yr.
What will be their „thing? Is dependent upon how the event and balancing goes, however for sure they will be beautiful.
And what would be the leitmotif of German battleships, to come back this summer season?
Assume Tirpitz, but with out torpedoes – comparatively smaller weapons, with flat trajectory, pretty respectable armor and velocity.
What are the plans to handle service gameplay, particularly various loadout and US carriers?
There aren’t any floor-shattering plans for now, but one of many fundamental things within the close future is making the support carriers – fighter/dive bomber loadouts – extra useful to the group, giving fighters other issues to do than simply taking pictures down planes.
As for US carriers, the lines usually are not supposed to be equal, so the sport style will all the time be totally different. For now the US are less affected by defensive fireplace, for the long run see above. Once fighters may have extra things to do, US assist loadouts could also be way more interesting than now.
Some older ships in game have comparatively easy armor fashions – whereas in actuality they have been extra complex. When will they be upgraded?
Soon. We’re at present engaged on a complete remodeling of armor fashions. First examples are the new prime hulls for German cruisers launched in previous updates, in zero.5.7 we convey all destroyers to the brand new customary and extra ship courses will come within the following updates – the goal is to make all armor fashions as correct, as attainable. Total extra complicated shapes of newer fashions tend to slightly enhance general results of the armor.
Are there any plans to do more with PvE modes?
Answer: Yes, there positively are. PvE permits getting away with unbalanced battles and focus on attention-grabbing ships. We cannot share way more, however presently we are engaged on adding PvE parts to maps (reminiscent of coastal weapons) – and we’ll expand on it.
What does it take so as to add a ship into recreation?
All in all roughly half a yr of work. The method works like this:
Choice to include ship and how/the place must be taken (devs/publishing)
Archive digging – the more plans the higher – British archives normally have 5 primary plans of ships, typically with less details, German plans are often very detailed – in some cases plans do not agree with each other and many others.
Predominant model is built – including small technical particulars; these may be shared among ships (boats, guns…)
Textures – first the technical part, then the art half
Engine – Magic happens within the Sport Design department; Armor fashions, steadiness, weapon stats…
QA – inside tests, Supertest; Public test / reside balancing
Ship is ready to sail!
• Bonus: Identical with maps:
Currently it takes us 6 weeks to construct a map – first comes the gameplay design (plan), then the basic modeling (creating everything out of few basic shapes), then details and ambiance, together with climate and skybox – the designers try to go for fascinating real life details. On map inspired by Hawaii there are several attention-grabbing classic automobiles; one of upcoming maps can have a well known landmark from French coast
Clans – what’s the future?
Working on them, prone to come this year but we don’t wish to disclose extra particulars till they’re settled – we’re gathering expertise from clan system on all our platforms. We will even work on clan-associated finish game” content for them.
Weather – when will it come to more maps, what about physics effects of waves?
The cyclone is at the moment in inventory for more maps – once more, this happens already in 0.5.7. Extra adjustments will come this yr.
Waves are exhausting to do;
It means adding third dimension motion along all axis (pitch, roll, yaw);
It additionally makes mess of minimal ranges of guns – tougher to get used to it, would possibly make hitting ships at close vary tougher;
It additionally means making mess of armor – with ship rolling, armor penetration would get much less predictable as there would all the time be more random factors involved. It might work both ways.
How does the group affect a call?
Rather a lot. However – the development team has a core design and they need to keep it up. That doesn’t imply feedback is ignored – but participant’s feedback usually focuses only on one aspect of a posh thing. We are gathering suggestions from all our languages on a weekly foundation – as well as detailed feedback coming with each new patch. In this, EU region shares the challenge of gathering loads of completely different language’s feedback with the South East Asia area. The event workforce is curious about both these types of suggestions a lot – there is no such thing as a Russian bias” right here and experiences from all regions are appreciated and helpful.
The developers themselves also learn the forums (mostly RU and EN – each in EU, NA and SEA).
One thing gamers are actually good at is discovering obscure mentioned above, the Situational Consciousness dialogue was started on EU boards and seems to be largely EU player factor – suggestions gathered on this occasion did lead us to start out a dialogue about the entire mechanic – what role does the ability serve, how it ought to work, why does it exist, why the 3s delay… And it will result in important improvements during this yr.
Sound – not too long ago there’s a whole lot of complaints in regards to the citadel harm sound – are any adjustments planned?
As the citadel hit sound (and some others) is somewhat unpopular and will trigger issues to people, transforming. Usually following feedback very intently.
Can you share any silly or enjoyable moments from the sport improvement?
None. Recreation growth is Hell and severe business!
Will or not it’s attainable to look around from the crow’s nest?
A new digital camera system is deliberate for a future update that will enable the player to go searching freely. First steps – new submit-mortem observer mode in 0.5.7!
Source: -and-solutions-st-petersburg-might-2016/
Certain changes (particularly minimap changes) deliberate for zero.5.7. won’t be carried out till 0.5.eight. since they sped up the working cycle and updates are being released sooner than previously. As a result, problems present in one patch will rarely be mounted within the following update (For instance, when 0.5.6. was launched, zero.5.7. was nearly done they usually had been starting to work on 0.5.8.).
Cyclone climate was generally nicely obtained by gamers, that is why they decided to broaden the variety of maps it may happen on. They will also strive other climate experiments sooner or later. This characteristic is not going to happen in Ranked battles.
Regarding module upgrades rework, players will not lose anything (nor modules, nor credits or doubloons). If a module is replaced, gamers who had it installed will get the brand new one for free. Whether it is eliminated, gamers will likely be refunded in credits. They do not plan to remove and refund all equipped modules.
Relating to low-tier IJN cruisers buffs, in zero.5.7, a brand new module will likely be out there for IJN premium ships with a hundred and forty mm guns (for now, it considerations Yubari, Katori and Iwaki) referred to as Gun hearth management mod 0. It’ll increase turret and torpedo tubes rotation pace by 20 %, secondary guns vary by 20 %, and reduce maximum dispersion of predominant and secondary batteries by 40 %.
They’re preparing PvE prototypes for inside testing (with fort bombardment, and so on).
Work on matchmaker 2.0 is completed and it has handed internal testing. If all goes in accordance with plan, it needs to be released in the subsequent update.
In zero.5.7., radar and HAS work at full range, no matter cyclone.
No modifications to Mikasa.
First module slot will embody (in addition to the particular IJN module) AA/secondaries survivability, ammo magazine survivability, Important batteries / Torpedo armament survivability / protection. USN BBs may even have a module for most important/secondary batteries fire range and secondary weapons accuracy in the second slot, and a module for important weapons accuracy within the third slot (it should have a better impact than now). No modifications relating to the impact for the firing range.
Major battery mod 2 improve in loading time is decreased from 10 to 5 %.
Modifications are planned for the map Islands of Ice” and for the map rotation.
Supply: -data-regarding-pt-zero-5-7-from-ru-server/
Q. Regarding Nagato, did you alter anything (accuracy, dispersion)? It appears that evidently after the patch, I’ve a tougher time hitting enemies, and folks appear to note a decrease in accuracy on Kongou. Could you dispel our doubts ?
A. Now that some times has passed for the reason that launch of the patch, we can take a look at statistics. Here they are.
Kongou: average accuracy lower by zero.5 and common harm decreased by 251.
Nagato. common accuracy hasn’t changed and average damage increased by 483.
This represents regular fluctuation for such time-frame. Contemplating we’ve not deliberate any modifications for these ships and haven’t achieved any either, our statistics present that every thing is in order.
Q. Why cannot we flip minimap circles for predominant battery and torpedoes off? Why can’t we disguise the values on the minimap circles?
A. These questions were examined during public testing. We are going to continue collecting feedback and will plan on improving the interface accordingly.
Q. Can we anticipate our smokescreen borders to be seen in 5.7.?
A. Sadly, it won’t are available in 0.5.7. However, we’re working on fixing this issue in one of many following updates.
Q. Did you change citadel penetration mechanics lately?
A. We’ve not modified something concerning citadel penetration in 0.5.6.
Q. Why did you launch crew battles with out having any rewards associated with this mode? Is it not clear enough that, with out rewards, an incredible mode will not get the recognition it deserves?
A. We don’t consider within the concept that without rewards, an incredible mode won’t get the popularity it deserves”. Rewards can encourage individuals to play a mode which they weren’t considering. The season of group battles that underwent confirmed us that the mode needs some improvements and adjustments. If we’d have added wonderful rewards from the get-go, some feedback could have never been introduced up and because of this the challenge would have been worse. Remember that ranked battles hadn’t large rewards in the beginning and that now you may win doubloons and premium time.
Q. Why aren’t there any tournaments being held?
A. We’ll soon announce a match for one of the best teams participating in staff battles. We also plan to implement a tournament function and significantly enhance this facet of the sport. However, it is included more in our long-term plans than our quick-time period ones.
Q. Why cosmetic settings aren’t implemented into the sport yet? Things like eradicating distance fog, selecting the sights color, changing AP HE shells colors, and many others.
A. Certain mods, which have been accepted for a very long time and are suitable for the sport, will likely be progressively implement in the client. Nonetheless, implementing something within the client takes far more time than making a mod for it. And it is not really due to the complexity of the adjustments we have to make, we have now to ensure it does not impact in any manner the performance of the game (on an incredible array of configurations). We also must ensure that the feature in question is wanted by a large number of players. The duty level is just not the same. So the query will not be actually whether the process is difficult or not but reasonably how long it is going to take.
Q. Why is not there an observer mode for tournaments?
A. We’re working on it.
Q. In the zero.5.6. interface topic, many gamers requested if the overall of damage inflicted might be moved before all of the ribbons instead of after, but it surely was by no means carried out. Why?
A. Not all changes can and must be carried out between public testing and launch. We continuously follow the public testing forums and, mixed with other information (surveys, feedback, etc.), it helps us higher perceive players’ wishes. On the identical time, we can not reply and give a optimistic reply to each suggestions we receive. Nevertheless, it doesn’t suggest that giving suggestions and opinions is ineffective, quite the opposite.
Concerning your situation with the interface, we’ve regarded into it and decided to change it!
Q. Could you add a free-for-all mode? This might be restricted to every type of ships with a +/-1 tier distinction. No teamkills so you can add Kitakami to this mode !
A. Technically speaking, we might nearly do anything, nonetheless, not all the things is needed to the game. World of Warships is and will stay a recreation centered on teams (flots) preventing each other and, even when it’s slightly minimal in random mode, it is about coordination between gamers, and all of the mechanics are created with this in mind. Now we have no plan to change this.
Q. Yamato appears to sit a bit excessive in the water? Am I mistaken?
A. It appears you might be. Everything is okay regarding Yamato.
Q. Emden was outfitted with torpedo tubes in reality. Why isn’t it so in the sport? Moreover, AP harm on that ships is decrease than on Dresden. Why is that?
A. A lot of the ships within the game had torpedo tubes in reality. Nevertheless, they couldn’t rotate and thus we decided not to implement them for balancing and gameplay reasons.
Regarding the difference in AP harm, it was done for balancing reasons.
Q. I do know my query will make a lot of people facepalm however I needed to have your opinion about it. Why have you decided not to add submarines to the game?
A. Submarines haven’t got a protracted historical past of taking part in fleet battles, which our game focuses on. Moreover, bearing in mind the entire concessions we would have to make, their gameplay would be somewhat weird. Nonetheless, our position on this matter is we at present don’t plan to add submarines”. We haven’t dismissed this idea for good. In any case, our work on the undertaking is evolving from one 12 months to another. Theoretically, all the pieces is possible… someday.
Q. Regarding Iwaki Alpha, do you propose so as to add it to the sport with out the suffix? On one other subject, in response to statistics, she appears a bit underpowered. Do you propose to enhance her, possibly by enhancing her torpedo arcs of fireside?
A. As with every different related question, no remark. Based on statistics, she’s doing simply nice, however we’re taking into consideration that experienced gamers personal her. However, we understand that some points could be improved to make her – and one other Japanese ship, Yuubari – more snug to play. In patch 0.5.7., we plan to implement minor enhancements to each of these ships with a view to enhance their gameplay.
Q. In what means is rounded the likelihood of a plane being shot down with each tick from an AA aura? Do massive caliber weapons have a greater chance of taking pictures down planes?
A. The present model for figuring out the probability (for each tick – which occurs every 2 s) is as follows:
1. It determines the current effectiveness of the aura;
2. It determines the average lifetime of a plane in mentioned aura;
3. It determines the utmost number of ticks needed to destroy stated plane (the last tick has a 100% to destroy the aircraft);
four. It determines the variety of ticks remaining;
5. It then determines the probability.
1. The present effectiveness of an AA aura (Et) is calculated in response to the next method : Et = Eb Ek %
Eb = AA aura base effectiveness
Ek = sum of all modifiers needed to calculate the present AA aura worth
% = percentage of effectiveness of stated aura primarily based on the number of AA armaments remaining or the number of planes present in the aura.
2. The typical lifetime of a single plane in stated aura is decided by taking the base parameter named average lifetime” and dividing it by the current coefficient value below Aura effectiveness”.
3. The utmost variety of ticks wanted to destroy a plane ™ is calculated by taking the time of destruction (by stated aura) of the previously destroyed airplane. This mannequin allows us to define exactly the estimated total time wanted to destroy an entire squadron in a selected aura and, thus, convey selection regarding the time wanted for each plane to be destroyed. It signifies that if a airplane is destroyed when t time = its average lifetime, then the utmost time for the subsequent airplane to be destroyed will stay the identical, similar to the earlier plane. If a plan is destroyed eventually than its average lifetime, the time needed for the next airplane to be destroyed can be adjusted by altering its most lifetime.
So, for the first plane within the squadron that is destroyed by mentioned aura, the utmost number of ticks (Tm1) = the typical lifetime of stated airplane at the current aura effectiveness. For the following planes, le most number of ticks ™ is calculated with the next formulation Tm = Tp - Kp + Tm half of
Tp = worth of Tm used for the earlier airplane;
Kp = tick quantity on which the previous airplane was destroyed.
4. The variety of ticks remaining (T) wanted to destroy a airplane is calculated as T = Tm – Tp (maximum variety of ticks – number of ticks that have already handed).
5. The probability (%) for a plane to be destroyed by the current tick (V) is calculated as follow, V = one hundred / T (100%\number of ticks remaining).
The likelihood to destroy a plane for each tick depends on:
-the number of tick that have already passed. The less there are, the higher the likelihood (the probability of the last tick cannot exceed ninety% if, after the calculations for the last tick were made, the squadron still has planes. Successive ticks will then always have a probability of ninety%).
-the present coefficient, which is the average lifetime of a aircraft.
Additional remarks:
So as to scale back occurrences of maximum (excessive or low) values regarding the lifetime of a airplane after each tick, normal distribution is used as an alternative of uniform distribution. The parameters are: distribution interval is ready between the time because the final airplane was destroyed (or 0 within the case of the first aircraft) to the time at which the current airplane is assured to be destroyed ((plane quantity in the squadron + 1)common time needed for a plane to be destroyed in a selected aura), variance (worth of sigma within the distribution half-bounded interval). Outside of interval boundaries, the values are distributed uniformly following regular distribution (to cut back occurrences of extreme values)
Q. What achievements are needed for the Legend of the Seas medal?
A. It’s essential to receive honorable/heroic particular person achievements such as Kraken Unleashed, High Caliber, Dreadnought, First Blood, Just a Flesh Wound, and many others.
Q. Why have not you applied shells ricocheting on the sea floor? Video exhibiting the effect Why such an oversight?
A. It is not an oversight however a game conference. The sport doesn’t must have all of the phenomenons concerning real sea physics.
On this case, this mechanics could be very onerous to control by gamers and would not add anything special to the gameplay.
Q. JamesWhite stated in a stream that free xp will not be unified between WG video games. Why is that? This contradicts what you promised.
A. In our plans for a unified financial system, our first job is to introduce a common foreign money (gold).
I can’t say anything or comment on what my colleague said. The newest info will probably be given in an official announcement (when will probably be printed).
Q. Given battleships dispersion, and the significance of RNG, I really feel like increasingly cruisers sail broadside and pepper me with HE shells while my shells just splash water on their decks. I’m conscious that you don’t need to turn this recreation into world of battleships, however I might wish to know if you have plans on decreasing dispersion against ships that sail in the straight line for a while (for all ships, not solely BBs)? Or take some other measures?
As far as I understood, citadels are solely modeled externally”. None of their internal elements are modeled. Consequently, it is understandable from a gameplay standpoint, but not from a logical standpoint. It’s hard to understand that a citadel gets hits by a shell that solely leaves an air draft” and does minimal injury because of overpenetration. Do you propose to alter anything on this regard?
A. Even supposing you are slightly exaggerating (yes, sometimes all shells miss but BBs love ships sailing broadside and they are ranked very high harm-smart), each parameters you raised (shell grouping and citadel penetration) could be utterly modified sooner or later. We do not assume main changes regarding game mechanics are needed however we’re conscious that they could want some tweaks and minor enhancements. I can’t discuss something concrete in the mean time though.
USS Sims and IJN Yubari may soon hit the store, not so the Gremyashchy. The designers are not sure whether or not to launch the Gremyashchy due to markedly completely different performance of this ship on totally different servers (some folks really handle to suck in it). Maybe this ship is not going to be bought continuously, but be made obtainable throughout a major seasonal or thematic event.
IJN Iwaki Alpha and USS Arkansas Beta may hit the shop with out the Alpha” and Beta” of their names.
The IJN Mikasa will not be sold on the Russian server till the implementation of the guide management on the secondary armament, which is particularly good on this ship.
The destiny of the IJN Kitakami isn’t clear as a result of it being the epitome of a torpedo soup.
14 new premium ships were planned for 2016, of which about one half has been released already. The actual number may even be higher.
The brand new R-Projekt on the Russian server will happen approximately between June 19 and July 31. It would function ARP ships are awards. The unpopular lottery crates can be gone. The ultimate award often is the Russian cruiser Krasny Krim. As a result of damaging feedback on the primary Russian R-Projekt, some modalities of the occasion will be changed following discussion board feedback prior to the beginning.
The new tech tree can be introduced both in the beginning of June or the tip of July, as a result of these bulletins typically coincide with massive gaming conventions. Some premium ships of the forthcoming tech tree can be launched to permit preparing captains (German tier 4 battleship?).
The builders like the reception of the single-torpedo firing mode reminiscent of on USS Smith, and should make it a hallmark of a nation in the game. Suggestions is being collected.
The new ranked battles season will start on June three. Players who achieved the first rank in all seasons except the first take a look at season will receive a singular tier 7 premium ship. Rewarding first ranks with special ships will most likely be the longer term standard.
Adjustments to ranked battles embrace flags with credit bonuses and the best participant on the dropping group is not going to lose the star.
Nonetheless, to slow down the rating progress, no bonus stars for reaching certain ranks will be awarded.
The development of the next tree (German battleships ?) is nearing completion. The modeling of a second tree (British cruisers ?) has been finished and the fashions are being tuned. The modeling a third tree has begun. The discharge of the third tree is deliberate for December, but may be postponed by 1-2 months.
The next nation represented within the sport shall be very unexpected, but undoubtedly not the Italians, on which no work besides gathering preliminary material has been performed.
A premium German battleships of tier four is prepared. How and when it is going to be made obtainable is but unclear.
The premium battleship USS Arizona will appear soon.
The cruiser IJN Katori will probably be distributed in companion bundles (Italeri).
There might be a German premium ship of tier 6.
There can be a French or an Italian premium ship this yr.
The cruiser IJN Tone will most likely not seem this 12 months, and the game mechanics of its aircraft squadron is just not determined.
The cruiser USS Salt Lake City (a Pensacola with torpedoes) has not been planed, the ship isn’t prepared.
The destroyer USS Sims (open beta tier 7 ship) might be back on gross sales.
The will probably be no unique Japanese premium battleships or cruisers of tier 5 – 7 this yr, but sister ships may Russian cruiser Crimson Krimea will probably be distributed by way of a new Project R, which is planned for the second half of June.
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